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The Norman Conquests (Round and Round the Garden)

By Alan Ayckbourn

A Shotgun Players Production

Scenic: Nina Ball
Lighting: Masha Tsimring
Sound: Madeleine Oldham
Costumes: Valera Coble

Norman is one very funny sex farce spread out over three plays…Garden (just under two hours), directed with sharp touches by Mina Morita…hits full comic stride once Sarah Mitchell arrives, delivering withering sarcastic barbs with devastating world-weariness as Norman’s wife, Ruth… It’s a notable undertaking for Shotgun to stage the whole trilogy.”

—SF Chronicle

“With a different director for each of the plays, Shotgun brings out the humor of the trilogy beautifully overall… Round and Round the Garden is a bit slower paced and story-centered than the others, which makes it a decent way to wind down from the hijinks of the rest…Mina Morita gives it a pleasingly brisk staging.”

—The Idiolect

photos by Pak Han