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Sisters Matsumoto

By Philip Kan Gotanda
Cast: Tasi Alabastro, Keiko Shimosato Carreiro, Carina Lastimosa, Melissa Locsin, Alexander M. Lydon, Colin Thomson, and Ogie Zulueta

Center Rep

Scenic: Andrea Bechert
Lighting: Kurt Landisman
Sound: Cliff Caruthers
Costumes: Maggi Yule
Wigs: Amy Bobeda
Props: Roger Anderson
Stage Manager: Leslie Radin

Outstanding Production of a Play
Outstanding Direction of a Play
Outstanding Actress of a Play
Outstanding Scenic Design of a Play

“Under the direction of Mina Morita, the drama shows that the cost, the wrong, of a government policy directed against a specific ethnic group isn’t limited to the sheer uprooting or imprisoning or banishing of innocents. The crime reverberates long afterward, infecting civic life, treasured relationships between neighbors, marriages and that which is even more inward: hopes and dreams, one’s pride and self-possession.”

—SF Chronicle

“Gotanda’s “Sisters Matsumoto” gives us family hardship, love and loss–and the embodiment of racial injustice. “Sisters Matsumoto” provides chilling and realistic performances, sending us a wake-up call about how we treat immigrants in the U.S.”


“Center Rep’s production is directed with immaculate care and understated poignancy by Mina Morita, artistic director of San Francisco’s Crowded Fire Theater.”

-Mercury News

photos by Alesandra Mello Photo