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By Isaac Gómez
Cast: Jordan María Don and Troy Rockett

Scenic: Carlos Aceves
Costumes: Alice Ruiz
Lighting Design: Stephanie Anne Johnson
Sound: Christopher Sauceda
Props: Jenny Cedillos
Special Effects: Devon LaBelle
Intimacy: Maya Herbsman
Fights: Carla Pantoja

“Crowded Fire is leading the way back to the indoor stage on multiple fronts.”


“And, as helmed by Crowded Fire artistic director Mina Morita and associate director Karina Gutiérrez with careful attention to the nuances of emotional transitions, the two actors are utterly convincing every moment.”

—SF Examiner

“In Crowded Fire Theater’s fantastic production of The Displaced, a play crafted from the delicious mind of Chicago-based playwright Isaac Gomez, there is so much going on, and all of it blends together seamlessly inside a set that’s unlike most designs you’ll see. While modern theatre tends to get very giddy about their dependence on projections, this production goes right at the audience with organic exuberance, a veritable playground that pushes the boundaries of live theatre’s capabilities.”

—Bay Area Plays

photos by Pak Han