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Underneath the Lintel

By Glen Berger

A Just Theater Production

Props: Shaun Carroll
Sound: Madeleine Oldham
Costumes: Christine Crook
Projection: Mina Morita

“I came with high expectations to their second production of the summer, Glen Berger’s Underneath The Lintel. I was not disappointed. It is quite wonderful…If you have any taste for intellectual wit and adventure in the theatre, you will enjoy this ride! The play is a showcase for excellent acting…Christine Crook’s superb costume design and Shaun Carroll’s extremely clever props and setting make more than a little contribution to the excellence of this production. Mina Morita’s direction keeps the pace varied and the complexities clear (insofar as that’s possible). Very highly recommended.”


“In a solid, bare-bones staging by director Mina Morita…It’s a compelling tale, almost Borgesian in its fantastical intellectualism, and Berger gives the librarian a charming not quite colloquial oddness to his otherwise fluent English. Accentuated by some charming old jazz and klezmer in Madeleine Oldham’s sound design, and driven home by Mize’s fixed intensity as the librarian, it’s a fascinating and thought-provoking journey well worth tagging along with.”

—KQED Arts

photos by Adam Tolbert and Mina Morita