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The Nature Line

By J.C. Lee

West Coast Premiere at Sleepwalkers Theatre

Scenic: Tanya Orellana
Light: Alejandro Acosta
Sound: Colin Trevor
Costumes: Wes Crain
Dramaturg: Rachel Viola

“The writing was rock solid, which allowed a truly gifted director and cast to treat the playwright’s words like a magic carpet that could help them soar through theatrical time and space…The fact that its creative team can pull such huge amounts of magic out of what seems like thin air speaks to their artistic vision, resourcefulness, and impressive levels of craft.”

—Huffington Post

“A sharp staging by Mina Morita… The Nature Line has by far the largest cast of the three, and it’s also the most finely crafted, at times beautifully eloquent and at others very, very funny…The journey they take is awfully entertaining, humorous and touching in all the right places.”

—The Idiolect

“There were any number of other shows that thoroughly charmed me in one respect or another but didn’t quite crack the Top Ten: Crowded Fire and Asian American Theatre Company’s Songs of the Dragons Crying to Heaven, Sleepwalkers Theatre’s The Nature Line, Shotgun Players’ Beardo and Care of Trees, Impact’s Disassembly, SF Playhouse’s Tigers Be Still…So let’s say that, like one’s own children, I love them all equally.”

—The Idiolect’s Top 10 of 2011

“All of these disparate parts — the lyricism, the science fiction, the comedy, the human drama, the romance — hold together because Lee is an audacious, ambitious and uncommonly talented writer…Mina Morita, the director of The Nature Line, emphasizes the human scale here, which is exactly what the play demands.”

—Theater Dogs

photos by Adam Tolbert